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Weight Loss

As we age, many factors contribute to body weight and form. A study from 2010 looking at blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels showed that lean is not always fit. Personalized analyses and plans are therefore important.


At The Art of Balance we work with our clients’ one at a time, supporting them towards goals or help create them. The technology we use identifies areas of concern and supports working towards a healthy body. The Bio-Scan provides information about issues affecting weight. A nutritional analysis determines the bodys’ needs of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

The ozone sauna not only increases metabolism but a 30 minute session burns 300-400 calories, in addition to a list of other health benefits.  The USANA RESET Program is a 5-7 day jump start towards a healthy metabolism and to decrease cravings. By eating balanced, low-glycemic foods without feeling hungry, RESET can help to get in the habit of eating healthier, exercising, and making smarter lifestyle choices. Consults include personalized workout plans and dietary follow-up.

The weight epidemic is a problem. Genetics and diet are only part of what we call the “Web of weight and wellbeing”. See below.