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At the Art of Balance we balance the demands that the athlete puts on their body and help boost peak performance through optimal recovery. The goal is to help the body recover not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Non-medical technologies including our Neuro-computational (neuroscientific, computer-based) Bio-Scan, Electro-acupuncture (no needles) and Rife technology. These modalities help to assess body function, nutritional requirements and promote nayutal healing and recovery.

Recovery techniques include a personal ozone sauna, oxygen bar, full body vibration plate and the V.i.b.e. The calming environment and one-on-one service help to rejuvenate and prepare the body for training and competition.

Ozone and the Athlete

Athletes, in particular, can benefit from ozone therapy for both performance and recovery. Ozone therapy can increase an athlete’s performance, speed up recovery and decrease muscle soreness. Ozone may also speed up recovery after injury.  Many sports injuries involve strains and sprains that cause swelling and an accumulation of excess fluid in connective tissue.

Ozone Therapy works by increasing blood flow to the muscles*. This soothes muscles, calms nerve impulses and oxygenates tissues at a cellular level. Therefore, nutrients are delivered to the site of injury and inflammatory fluid is removed more rapidly. In addition, blood flow to the heart is also increased, which reduces strain during the same workload. Ozone may also improve brain function and memory. Overall, ozone therapy is healthy for everyone from the exercise enthusiast to the professional athlete.

*Nathaniel Altman’s The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies

The Bio Scan and the Athlete

For educational purposes, a non-Invasive, computer-based wellness assessment can be used to provide health information.  The assessment does not replace a medical examination.  The process is easy, fast and painless. No radiation or ultrasound is used. Hands and feet are placed on electrode plates. Two electrodes are placed on the forehead right above the eyebrows. You can get answers immediately.

The Bio-Scan can provide information about how the body responds to physical activity.  This also includes caloric need, areas with muscular strain, thyroid function, sugar metabolism, food sensitivities, nutritional status and more…

This information is very helpful and possibly crucial for optimum performance for the athlete but also the exercise enthusiast.

The V.i.b.e.

The human body is an energetic being before a physical one. We are a vibrating instrument, starting with the motion of electrons in our atoms. Environmental, emotional and physical stressors changes the way atoms and hence cells communicate/vibrate which can have a negative impact on athlete training, competition and recovery.

The V.i.b.e. is a cutting edge technology involving safe, life-enhancing vibrational frequencies and sound frequencies to the body. A session has a relaxing and meditational effect on cellular communication and on the body as a whole, enhancing recovery on physical and emotional levels.