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The Bio Scan

For educational purposes, an FDA approved, non-Invasive, computer-based wellness assessment can be used to provide health information.  The assessment does not replace a medical examination.  The process is easy, fast and painless.  Hands and feet are placed on electrode plates. Two electrodes are placed on the forehead right above the eyebrows.

A Wellness Profile may include information about the following:


Body Composition and calorie requirement and usage

Digestive health

Nutritional balance

Food Sensitivities

Posture and strain on body

Brain Health

Hormonal balance

Body pH (Acidity vs Alkalinity)



To prevent a problem before it happens has huge benefits. In addition to exercise and a healthy diet there are many benefits of ozone if administered correctly. There have been numerous studies showing the benefit of regular ozone sessions in order to maintain health and decrease risk for dis-ease. Ozone has positive effects on circulation in addition to increasing oxygen uptake and utilization of cells. This slows down the aging process and improves the systems that keep our body healthy. Pre- and –post operative ozone has been shown to decrease risk for infections. Used correctly, ozone is protective for the heart.