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Preserving health, feeling young and postponing age-related diseases are more important than ever. The health care system of today is geared to treating illness after the fact and finding symptoms to treat using drugs or surgery.

What actually is normal aging? Normal aging is due to many factors but the bottom line is decreased oxygen use by cells and poor cell to cell communication; resulting in cell weakness and death.


At The Art of Balance, the Bio-Scan, Rife technologies and heavy metal testing help identify weaker areas of body function. The ozone sauna, foot detox and infra-red sauna will strengthen the body, and consultations will help guide you through the process. Detox protocols are available as needed. 

Normal Aging is...


Wrinkles:  Decrease skin collagen, thinner skin

Brain: Has maximum size, then it slowly decreases


Sexuality changes:  Physical (eg. child birth), psychological and stress can affect libido

Height loss:  Posture, lack of exercise. During the life time women lose 2 inches (men 1 inch)


Vision: Presbyopia- harder to focus close


Sexuality: Physical and medical issues can affect sex life

Hair: Increased facial hair in women, decreased head hair due to hormonal imbalances in men and women

            Men have increased hair in nose and ears


Hearing:  Loss of high pitches


Appetite: Decreased 20% compared to 30 years

Continued height loss: Cartilage and bone thinning, decreased muscle structure


Memory:  Short term memory decrease with age.

Facial features:  Ears, nose appear bigger (weaker support tissue and gravity)


….but this in not set in stone.